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Analysis the design of Children Playground Equipment

Analysis the design of Children Playground Equipment


With the gradual rise of children playground equipments, the development of this industry is very fast, then what's the key points for the design of Playground Equipment?Today we mainly to analysis these points.

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First, from the perspective of material design and use, safe and accessible materials are the primary choice of children playground equipment. In current practice, there are several commonly used materials.

Wooden material, its advantages are natural and non-toxic, convenient and can be flexibly combined according to the requirements of the game. Disadvantages are that need to add anti-corrosion moisture-proof surface treatment, and for older children, it is more easily broken.

Rubber synthetic material, the advantages are flexible, can create a wide range of equipment and components, rich colors, corners can be rounded, and can be also flexibly combined according to the requirements of the game. However, the shortcomings include not easy recycle but easy to fade.

Concrete manufacturing material, its advantages can be used for large-scale playground equipment shaping and construction. Shortcomings are easy to see it, the material is hard and rough, not suitable for children especially small children to play, security is poor.

Metal material, the advantage is rugged, the surface can be both smooth and anti-skidding and frosting treated, modeling changeable, easy to assemble. Disadvantages include the connection parts or interfaces have risk factors for children, and the hard texture for children is more prone to danger.

Second, from the aspect of color design, children are extremely sensitive and concerned about the color of playground equipment, so the choice of color and match should be paid attention to. The color can be used to improve the children play interests and cognitive level and so on, on the basis of improving the function of playground equipment.

Third, from the perspective of modeling of children playground equipment, those abstract, eccentric and variable shapes are easier to get children favor; while those concrete modeling or simulation of real life scenes or props, are not the favorite style, which only reflects the adult`s assumptions and errors on the children favor to the playground equipment.

Fourth, from the aspect of size design, children playground equipment should meet the child's own scale, which has been always concerned by the designers and has constantly been put forward. How to achieve meeting a certain age or several age groups of children in one type of children playground equipment, this is the ideal scale we expect to achieve.

Fifth, at the same time is the most crucial point, the safety of children playground equipment should be the primary consideration in the design. Security is the basis for the existence of a good children playground equipment, the importance is well-documented.

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