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Childern like to play slides

Childern like to play slides


Nowadays, the growth of children can not be separated from the toys, but in these toys, not all the children like it. Such as today to say the slide, and the slide is divided into inflatable large slide, combination slide, small slide and other different styles of products, then why do children like the slide, like the swing and the like? After a lot of access, summed up the following points.

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Speed: Experience the speed of stimulation, and the experience of air friction skin, is a way of knowing nature.

Control of desire: This is sitting in the Ferris wheel or pirate ship and the like compared to the control of their own accounted for a large proportion, after all, Ferris wheel or pirate ship and the like toys are not their own control.

Controlled Risks: The height of the slide, the small friction, is a risk and a challenge for the child, but because of the presence of both sides, it makes the risk completely controllable.

The use of natural law: Mainly on the gravitational use of instinct and emotional experience.

Exercise on their own ability to balance: This is similar to the animal world inside the young lion slapstick in the process of learning to prey.

Herd mentality: rarely see a child a person playing slides.

Recognized psychological needs: If it is a parent teacher with a play, a successful taxi will bring praise and praise.

Some of the satisfaction of the scarcity of resources: In general, playground slide is relatively small, and a taxi can only allow a child to use. A child in a certain period of time can take this alone "monster".

In short, the slide is a comprehensive sports products, children can enjoy the speed of the slide, control, stimulation and other aspects of the visual experience, in the past common in kindergartens, parks and other venues, now the children parks also purchase Outdoor Playground Equipment.

In addition to regular use of children in the children play and exercise, there are many other roles. For example, on July 6, Asiana Boeing aircraft crash in San Francisco, the passengers are through the inflatable slide to escape the machine, otherwise it will cause more serious and tragic consequences.

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