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Design for children playground equipment?

Design for children playground equipment?


Now the children Playground Equipment industry is developing rapidly, so the playground face many competitions. In order to stand out, there will be a little different design, then how can the design better attract the attention of children?

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1. Vegetation cultivation

In the planting design not only to consider the plant is an important factor in landscape design, but also aware of the plant for children have a value, and adults prefer to play with plants, not just for viewing. Therefore, children playground equipment in the choice of plants with particularity, should be mainly tree-based, for the shade; shrubs a few, the use of non-toxic non-toxic varieties; turf to choose resistant trampling.

2. Recreational facilities

All the recreational facilities should be based on the principle of safety first to cultivate and exercise the child's physical and adventurous spirit for the purpose. Most of the facilities of the recreational facilities are wood or metal tube components, broken ends should be rounded, smooth edges and corners, the structure is stable, the scale is appropriate.

3. Road and site pavement

The roads leading to Children Playgrounds and children playgrounds should be smooth and smooth, and all recreational facilities should be protected against damage from the equipment.

4. Change the terrain

The changing terrain let the child to roll, dive, glide, hatch. They can be used in the design and to enhance the existing Elevation, or artificially caused ups and downs of the terrain. Children are more likely to be more open on a flat pavement than adults, so that they can play on the top.

Wande Play believes that playground equipment will be more attractive to children after design changes, and children are more willing to come here to play.

Egoal has professional designer department.So we are willing to provide design service for our customers.If u have demand u can find us.

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