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Nowdays Maintenance Methods of Playground Equipment

Nowdays Maintenance Methods of Playground Equipment


1. For plastic parts and glass fiber in Playground Equipment, use a soft cloth or soft brush to scrub, after soaking in soapy water, disinfectant detergent, bleaching powder dilution, and then rinse with water, dry with a clean cloth or in the air. Finally, disinfect with disinfectant spray.

2. For the soft part, you can use a soft cloth stained with soapy water to scrub, or place it in the sunlight for exposure disinfection.

3. To moisture and heat resistant, fadeless wooden part, wash with soapy water and then dry it. Finally, disinfect with disinfectant spray.

4. If there is the requirement of derusting for the metal parts of playground equipment, you can use brush to wipe off the rust, and clean with a dry cloth; after exposure in the sunlight, you can use some colorless spray paint at the distance of 20 cm or so, after dry and then spray once again, from the protective effect. When the paint is completely dry, clean, dry and disinfects it.

5. When clean circuit parts, first of all to ensure that power outage, prohibit watering, generally scrub with a damp cloth, not connect to the power until completely dry.

6. For all the playground equipment, especially outdoor slides and drill parts, there should not be any water after the rain. If any, should play a 4 mm diameter holes for drainage at the lowest point.

7. Of course, at the same time must also need to check and see if the connection parts are solid or not, refuel the metal part with frequent activities, and check electrical appliances and ordinary parts to avoid damage.

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