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Playground equipment Can Promote Children To Grow Up

Playground equipment Can Promote Children To Grow Up


Most parents have a consensus, we can poor in everything except the children, so, as long as it is the child to eat, play, all the best, and the more the better. "Is it true?¡± Eat not, nor is playing.
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The results of the study which is about preschool children education plan showed that, giving the child too much toys or inappropriate toys can damage their cognitive ability, because they will be in front of so many toys appear at loose ends, unable to concentrate on playing one. Not only that, Oxford University education psychology professor Cathy Silva in the related research also pointed out that the child who have less toys, as parents together with them reading, singing, game time will be relatively more, so they are more intelligent than those children who¡¯s family circumstances is superior, toys into mountain age.

For this conclusion, the Chinese family education association, a happy spring children's development research center director Cheng Huai also agreed with. He said that if the toy is too much, it will stimulate the child at a loss, only like a bear that is breaking off corn cobs, break one throw one, play one, throw one, the results is they didn't play one in deep, and has been in a simple tinkering with stage.

In fact, the role of the toy mainly support, promote child physical, psychological development, the key is not the number, but in whether it is suitable for children. The so-called fitting, the first is to fit the age, the second is to be able to have children at this stage to promote the normal development of the role. For instance, 1 years old child is learning to walk, at this time, you need a drag duck toy, it can send out sound, stimulate the child excited, be helpful for training the ability to walk.

Generally, in a certain stage, two or three suitable toys are enough. If the toys is much, classify them, when the child will indeed hand toy tired of playing, no new move, then take out a few new.
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