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Research of the outdoor equipment in park

Research of the outdoor equipment in park


Outdoor equipment provides place and equipment for those who do not have places to exercise. However, China outdoor fitness equipment industry is still in its beginning stage, community, park and square outdoor fitness equipment has many defects in the design, scientific and other aspects. Many people use fitness equipment in an improper way or the fitness equipment is poorly design, which was easy to get injured. A lot of outdoor fitness equipment can be easily during use, and it's difficult to maintain. Some of there problems are man-made problem, some natural factors and unreasonable design.


It has caused several disturbing negative effects, such as injuring people and disrupting their normal lives. So in the face of many problems reflected by the unreasonable design of the outdoor fitness equipment in the park, we should research the use, environment, use situation of the outdoor fitness equipment in the parks.
Through actual investigation, the study positions the middle-aged crowd as the positioning crowd in fitness equipment design. We make summary considering of the shape, color, material and safety and also combining the elderly physiological, psychological and behavior characteristics with the outdoor fitness equipment defects as well as unreasonable design, intended to make certain reference function on the outdoor fitness equipment design of the park. According to the general requirements for safety standard of our outdoor fitness equipment, we sum up some fitness equipment design principle, let outdoor fitness equipment can serve people's fitness requirements, further improve and perfect the design theory research of fitness equipment, and apply the improved results in the new design.

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