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Safety management Measures of Outdoor Playground Equipment

Safety management Measures of Outdoor Playground Equipment


Now the Outdoor Playground Equipment is more and more popular all over the world.So many country has loaction for Playground Equipment.But for the playground equipment we need to notice the safety for kids.So except to catch the item quality also need to do the safety management.

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Firstly, improve safety awareness.

Shopping malls, parks, real estate, markets and tourist attractions, these areas always have outdoor playground equipment. Its regulators, operators, players, guardians should improve their awareness of outdoor playground equipment to avoid the hidden danger.

The management department with supervisory responsibility shall strengthen the examination of the legality of the leasing unit and individual business, and it is strictly forbidden to carry out the operation of outdoor playground equipment and improve the awareness of safety risks without qualified organizations and individuals.

Secondly, improve the relevant standards.

As a special outdoor playground equipment park and tourist attractions, no matter whether the outdoor playground equipment is special equipment or not, they should be in accordance with GB / T 16767-2010 "amusement park (field) service quality" requirements for planning, design, protection of personal health and safety of tourists, other small playground operators refer to the implementation.

Third, strengthen supervision and management.

Safety supervision for outdoor playground equipment, although the government and the community already rouse, regulatory authorities have to implement specific measures. Industry and commerce, quality supervision, safety supervision, urban management, health, tourism and other law enforcement departments should strengthen the pre-supervision work, and launch a joint law enforcement action. For the "three noes" enterprises (no site, name, business license) manufacturing outdoor playground equipment should be immediately banned; manufacturers production, lack of manufacturing information, should fill the information as soon as possible.

In addition, the management of ancient Chinese civil wood manufacturing facilities, such as swing, seesaw, plum pile, single-plank bridge and other facilities and facilities management personnel should pay attention to check the degree of decay of wood, rope wear, the basis of the firmness and regular inspection.

Fourth, the implementation of the main responsibility.

Self-operated, leased units and individuals operating small amusement facilities shall use the small amusement facilities in accordance with the laws, regulations and standards, who are leasing, who is responsible, and is responsible for implementing the main responsibility.

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