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The Advantages of Outdoor Playground

The Advantages of Outdoor Playground


The coming summer, people still in the movement to a strong physique, there are many people to show hot body in the summer, and joined the ranks of sports to lose weight, more people put the outdoor sports into indoor sports. In summer, we want to shape a good body, whether it should choose outdoor or indoor sports?

Outdoor sports burn more calories

It is understood that more green plants in the landscape, beautiful scenery, rich in oxygen ions in the outdoor. When we walk or running, we are burning calories to more than ten percent. Outdoor relatively rugged road will produce greater friction by the natural wind, the movement of people will be more difficult. In addition, uphill, downhill transformation also makes outdoor sports can constantly change the rhythm. So whether it is running, riding a bike or skating, practitioners in the outdoor sports will be more difficult, we can consume more calories.

Compared to the treadmill exercise, outdoor running can consume 3% to 5% of the heat. In addition, fresh air and changing scenery can make fitness more interesting, but also help practitioners to stay longer. Of course, bad weather or too strong, too dark light for outdoor exercise for people who are also potentially dangerous.

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1. Energetic: With a strong body, you have enough energy at any time.
2. Anti-aging: Through fitness can make their own hormone secretion in a high level, so as to achieve the effect of anti-aging.
3. Healthy: The body's meat, bones, blood circulation system, respiratory system, endocrine than the general exercise has a stronger stimulus, for improving the health of the human body more effective.
4. To improve the body shape: The most basic role of fitness is to change the shape, through fitness can make any part of the body to increase or decrease and effectively change its shape, to achieve the effect of beautiful body, and this process can be controlled.
5.Summer high temperature, human heat consumes, it is recommended that the summer outdoor sports, especially to grasp the amount of exercise, it is best to adhere to about 30 minutes a day of exercise time. Of course, people who want to lose weight can extend the exercise time to about 40 minutes.
Summer outdoor sports should pay attention to exercising in a short time, so that the body slowly adapts to the hot weather. Especially to avoid the sun to two pm during the outdoor sports, because this time the UV is particularly strong, will burn the skin, and even the retina. Do not forget protective measures, it is best to wear sports sunglasses, sun hat to prevent the invasion of ultraviolet rays.

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